Gary Stewart Smith

Singer, songwriter, “cack-handed” guitarist, one part of the eclectic Alt-Rock band Liquorice Allstars, vocalist with retro dance music producers beatifiq, Gary Stewart Smith would like to be the Northern Hemisphere’s answer to New Zealand’s Neil Finn, England’s answer to Scotland’s Justin Currie, the North West’s answer to the North East’s Paddy McAloon, the Wirral’s answer to Liverpool’s Ian Broudie, and/or West Kirby’s answer to East Kilbride’s Roddy Frame.

He’s just not sure what the question is…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I can see that your being very sincere and that you have serious intentions to play music, but somehow you keep making me laugh. Have you ever thought about going in for comedy (maybe as a side line?)

    • Oh yes, Julie, I’m serious about my music: I think I’m pretty good at writing a three minute pop song; I think I can sing (if you like the artists listed above, you should like my voice – if you ever get to hear it!); guitar-wise, I’m proficient, good enough to be able to jam along with other musicians.
      On the other hand, I don’t take myself seriously. Whatsoever. Maybe if I did… ah, who knows? I’m glad I made you laugh. Though I hope you were laughing in the right places!

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