Fifty not out

floyd and me

By the way, which one’s Pink? And who’s the nerd in the baseball cap? Rick, Rog, Nick and Dave meet Gaz, Syd Barrett’s short-lived replacement.

I tell you, full-time work is not conducive to creativity. For the past couple of months, I’ve been working a 40-50 hour week, I maybe get one day off a week, and I’m too knackered to pick up my guitar let alone write a new song. And as for updating my blog, well…

Some people live to work, others work to live, and I’ve always been in the latter category. I don’t believe in reincarnation or any of that afterlife stuff – I’m only here once, and there’s lots I gotta do before they put me in the ground (or put me in a box and turn me to ashes – once I’m gone you can do what you like with my body… well, within reason).

Yep, you guessed it, I’m gonna mention recording them 160-odd songs I have stockpiled. Ten years after I got my first quality acoustic guitar and decided I was going to be a world-famous, internationally renowned singer/songwriter, and as I commence my second half century, I’ve decided that 2015 shall be the year I finally start recording album number one (of 16 and counting).

Okay, so I’ve probably been saying that every year for the past decade, but this time round I’m hoping to enlist my good friends Joe “Duke” Ellerington and Nick “Drum Doctor” Lauro on my quest, to learn my songs as a three piece with a view to recording my songs a band, maybe even playing them live somewhere, somehow.

They say you’re never too old, and some of the biggest bands in the world are waaay older than I. Used to be that rock n roll was for teenagers (Roger Daltrey singing hope I die before I get old and all that), but that’s all changed. I intend to still be writing and gigging when I’m as old as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Willie Nelson et al (Willie Nelson must’ve been in his seventies for the past few decades now). Hey, maybe in my sixties or seventies, I’ll get to headline at Glastonbury (like Dolly Parton)?

Maybe by then, we’ll have also found the secret to eternal youth, though I’m not sure I’d want to put my name down for that one. Think I wanna grow old gracefully (maybe even disgracefully, like Dolly Parton). Though permission to change my mind as the end draws nigh.

Well, just in case you don’t hear from me between now and 2015, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

7 thoughts on “Fifty not out

  1. You seem to have got a lot of work related issues, which of course is reasonable given the population size and in-port export ratios. But to to fair Gary if you haven’t got a recording deal in the bag, your options maybe a little limited now. But then again Churchill didn’t get into his stride until his 60’s did he? Don’t give up. That sounds a bit like a title for a song.Oh and Happy New Year!!!

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