Crowded Public House

crowded house and me

He’s behind you! Crowded House get stalked by Gary Stewart Smith

I’ve not posted for ages, how very remiss of me. Let me rectify that right now.

Tonight, it is once again my monthly residency in the White Lion, West Kirby. I’m going to be joined by my good friend Chris “call me Kris” Stringer, a very talented guitarist of the blues stroke jazz persuasion. He in turn might be accompanied by his good friend (I know not her name, I’m sure she has one), a very talented singer of the folk stroke jazz genre. I may also be joined by my good friend Andrew “Kitch” Kitchinson, a very talented guitarist of the rock stroke prog leanings. And he in turn may be accompanied by his nephew (whose name eludes me for the mo), a very talented drummer of the rock stroke pop thingy.

If they all turn up tonight, there’ll be no space for an audience. It’s a good job I like to share the limelight. Not the money mind, just the limelight. But I do like to have a proper jam, it tests ones abilities as a musician: it’s all very well sitting playing on your own, quite another thing to pull a song out of the bag and wing it with your fellow musos.

And hey, with all those guitarists and singers and drummers turning up, maybe I’ll just sit this one out, have a few beers and enjoy the show.

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