For one night only

Gary Stewart Smith and Andrew Kitchinson

The John Lennon and Paul McCartney of West Kirby. With his friend Andrew “Kitch” Kitchinson.

If it’s alright for The Eagles and The Police, it’s alright for Liquorice Allstars. If Led Zeppelin can manage a one-off gig at the O2, London in honour of Ahmet Ertegun, then who says that Liquorice Allstars can’t reform for a one-off gig at the Hilbre Court, West Kirby in aid of Claire House Children’s Hospice?

Yes folks, the legendary line-up of lead guitarist Andrew “Kitch” Kitchinson, bassist Gaz “Der Funkmeister” Hill, drummer Nick “Drum Doctor” Lauro and rhythm guitarist Gary “Stewart” Smith (that’ll be me, then) will be burying the hatchet, letting bygones be bygones, putting the past to bed, and rocking all over (a very small part of) the world once more. All for a good cause.

Support on the night will be Liquorice Allstars mkII. Yes folks, the almost but not quite as legendary line-up of multi-instrumentalist Joe “Duke” Ellerington and vocalist/guitarist Gary “Me Again” Smith, together with Liquorice Allstars drummer Nick “Drum Doctor” Lauro (replacing original Liquorice Allstars mkII drummer Gafro “Just Call Me Gafro” Gafro) have also reformed for the occasion. Not quite on a par with Led Zep or The Police, but a step up from err… Steps, I think you’ll agree.

Some said it could never happen. Some said it should never happen. Well, it’s happening, so get over it! Liquorice Allstars ride again!!!

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