Slopin’ back to Slinky’s

slinkys april 2014 small

The same poster as last time, subtly altered to reflect the change of venue…

Next Saturday (meaning not this Saturday coming, but the one after that… the 19th, just so we’re clear), I’m playing Slinky’s Café Bar in West Kirby. Long-time followers of the artist formerly – and indeed latterly – known as Gary Stewart Smith may remember Slinky’s being oft mentioned in my previous blog The Kings of Inertia.

I used to play Slinky’s on a regular monthly basis, either in the loose jam band that was Kings of Inertia (basically me, and any of my other musician friends that fancied playing that night), or as one half of The Snags with vocalist Sofi Nieto. Back in the day, as they say these days (though, back in the day, we didn’t say “back in the day”, did we?).

Ah yes! Good times, those early days of regular gigs, way back in the late noughties: free from the shackles of being “just” the bass player in a band, still learning to play guitar (looking back, I admit I must’ve been rubbish: but hey! I’m almost competent these days), still finding my voice (I’m still searching, but have narrowed it down to just a handful of voices: James Taylor, Neil Finn, Roddy Frame, Glenn Tilbrook, Mike Scott – my own is in amongst those lot, somewhere), making new friends, drinking new pints. Halcyon days of yore. And indeed, mine.

I guess, looking back, I’ve come quite a short way in quite a short time… no that’s not true, I’m actually pretty good these days. Well that’s what I tell anyone who asks. I even play my own songs, many of which are good songs in their own write. I mean “right”, right? But don’t just take my word for it – come down to Slinky’s a week on Saturday and find out for yourself!

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