England 2014 World Cup Song

ian broudie from the lightning seeds

Guitar? Check. Glasses? Check? Vaguely Scouse accent? Check. Chirpy sing-along pop songs with a melancholic twist? Check. Is it Gary Stewart Smith from West Kirby? No, it’s Ian Broudie from the Lightning Seeds.

This year’s official England 2014 World Cup song is a cover of Take That‘s Greatest Day, sung by a stellar cast of Gary Lineker, Pixie Lott, Eliza Doolittle and some other names that ring the vaguest of bells. To tell the truth I’ve not heard it, but general opinion seems to be that it’s just as rubbish as the last official England World Cup song. And the one before that. And the one before that. And the one before that etc. The Guardian calls it a nadir, and who am I to argue?

The last decent official England song that I, The Guardian, or anyone else can think of was Three Lions by the Lightning Seeds with Skinner and Baddiel. Euro ’96: eighteen years of aural hurt ago.

This afternoon, I decided to rectify this, and so wrote my own England 2014 World Cup song. It is, to my ears, rather Three Lions-like, which is probably unavoidable as it’s another chirpy sing-along pop song with a melancholic twist played on an acoustic guitar by a bloke from Merseyside who sounds very much like that Ian Broudie fella from The Lightning Seeds.

With that in mind, here’s a question for you: I think it sounds like a Lightning Seeds song – I often think my stuff sounds like The Lightning Seeds. I freely admit it is very much influenced by Three Lions in that I wanted to write another Three Lions-style England World Cup song that is as good as the last good England World Cup song (Three Lions). I even allude to Three Lions in the lyrics of my song (“almost fifty years of hurt…”). So, is it plagiarism? I can’t help it if I sound like him, our musical influences are no doubt exactly the same (and it all goes back to the Beatles, the Everlys, Bob Dylan and Buddy Holly in the end), even our cultural influences will be similar as we’ve grown up half an hours bus ride away from each other. I believe he is an LFC supporter.

Well what do I care! Sue me and be damned! Although, wait for me to record the darned thing before you do – I might be totally mistaken.

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10 thoughts on “England 2014 World Cup Song

  1. That’d be pretty funny, to hand him a cassette and see if he can actually find something to play the thing on! Or better yet, a minidisc! Or you could pass him my video, but on a Betamax tape!

    • Well, the most obvious title for it would be We’re shit and we know we are, which is the first line of the chorus, but the wife’s folks wouldn’t approve. But then again, I did write it with the intention of it being sung on the football terraces of the world, and they’re not known for being the most genteel places on earth, are they?

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