That good thing/bad thing thing

Last month’s Where’s Wally? competition proved too difficult, so this month I’ve made it a bit easier.

So another White Lion gig rolls around. Which is a good thing. But also a bad thing.

Good thing: I really enjoy my gig nights at the White Lion: hopefully the audience does too. I’m finding my voice, and making those songs my own in X-Factor speak. I’m also playing some of my own songs, making my own songs even more my own than they previously were. I like totally own the ownership of those songs! (As opposed to partially owning them. Like Lennon and McCartney).

Bad thing: another month gone by and still no closer to my goal of being an internationally acclaimed, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter. Is that too much to ask???

Actually, while the probability of me becoming an internationally acclaimed, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter is very very small indeed, and gets smaller as each month goes by without me actually recording anything, I like to feel it’s still a possibility. Okay, maybe not the singer part of the singer/songwriter equation (though I’m a better vocalist now than I ever was), but the songwriter part. There’s no age limit on writing a great song, is there?

I accept the fact that people most likely won’t be buying my albums (when I get round to recording them) in their millions (double figures would be an achievement). But I’m still hopeful that one day one of my songs (when I get round to recording them) will be discovered by an established or up-and-coming artist looking for a good song. I have many, many good songs, and maybe one good song will lead to another.

So until pop music goes out of fashion – and remember, “pop” means popular, so that should read until popular music is no longer popular – then I’m holding on to hope and that increasingly slender chance. Not holding my breath, though: that would be like, totally counterproductive…

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