Anthrax Free Zone

This is Anthrax. Apparently. I wouldn’t really know.

Finally finished putting my songbooks in order: 8 books containing 500 cover versions and 100 Gary Stewart Smith originals, in alphabetical order of song title. Something for everyone, I hope. Well, within reason: if you’re a big fan of Anthrax, for example, you’re out of luck. You probably shouldn’t waste your time coming to one of my gigs. Though if you do come down, make yourself known: I’ve never met an Anthrax fan before. What do they look like, I wonder?

So, something for practically everyone: there’s some Abba and AC/DC and Bryan Adams, but yes, no Anthrax; there’s the Eagles, ELO and Elvis (both Presley and Costello), but no Eminem (I can’t make out the lyrics); there’s Neil Young but no Crosby, Stills or Nash; there’s John, Paul and George, but no Ringo; there’s Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, but no Genesis.

And of course, there’s plenty of me. Which is great news if you like my songs. Not so good if you’re not a fan. Still, you can’t please all the people etc. The least I can do is please myself. There’ll be no excuse for me not to play a smattering of my own tunes this Saturday night in the White Lion. Maybe even several smatterings.

So let that be an end to wasted afternoons downloading tab, rewriting lyrics, transposing keys, watching Youtube “How to play…” videos, waiting for the guy in the video to get round to actually telling me how to play…

Next project, the one I’ve been putting off for so long… recording those first 100 Gary Stewart Smith originals. Now where have I heard that before?

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3 thoughts on “Anthrax Free Zone

  1. I’m depping in Leyland on Saturday night, not playing any Anthrax either. I’ll be in Lancashire and thus will be able to enter a chippy, post-gig and ask for the ‘Baba’s ‘ead’ off the menu.

    No Anthrax with my chips either, though Charlie Benante is a fine drummer and plays guitar AND writes the theme tune/sings the theme tune.

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