Looks a lot like love

amy and gary's wedding

Ahhh! How sweet! Looks a lot like love, don’t you think? Only… why’s the dude wearing a skirt!???

At last Saturday’s White Lion gig, I played a couple of new, never-played-in-public-before Gary Stewart Smith originals, along with a couple of have-played-in-public-before-not-that-anyone-noticed Gary Stewart Smith originals. Couldn’t tell you if they went down well or not. At least I didn’t say “this is one of my own” before I played them. Though on second thoughts, maybe folks would’ve paid more attention if I did.

The two new songs I played were an up-tempo three-chorder (oh if only all songs could be just three chords! How easy guitar-playing would be!) entitled At My House, and a pretty, finger-picking-y number called Looks A Lot Like Love. Poor Looks A Lot Like Love got drowned out by a lot of drunken babble (from the audience this time, not me). So to make up for that, I’ve recorded a quick demo version which I post here.

The guitar track was one take, and I think it sounds quite good. Managed not to miss any important notes at any rate. I took a few goes at the vocal track, it was a struggle to hit the highest notes. The final take, I almost got there – Neil Young would be proud. And hey, it’s only a demo. Hope you can spare 2 minutes 45 seconds of your life to give it a listen.

4 thoughts on “Looks a lot like love

  1. I reckon closer to James Taylor than Neil Young to my ears. Not that you couldn’t do a take Neil Young, it’s just that this has a James Taylor vibe to it. You need a Folk night somewhere, not a boozer. Even the Lion in all its quaintness isn’t really the right venue – no, I’ll rephrase that, it would make a great Folk type venue but the Sat night regular/passing trade isn’t going to be the right one.

    I was doing something very scary last Saturday night at the time you were doing something a lot more gentle.

  2. Funnily enough, I only just moved this song to the same key as I do James Taylor‘s Fire and Rain, though to be honest, I was thinking more Roddy Frame than either JT or NY.

    Agreed, I do need to go and find the right audience for my original stuff. There are folk/songwriter nights out there, I just gotta get of my backside and turn up. I’m sure they’d quite like me.

    Have you joined a new band or something?

    • There are definitely folk nights out there. It’s a growing interest and has widening gamut of music that it accepts under the ‘Folk’ category. I mean, Robert Plant at the Cambridge Folk Festival a couple of years back – even Joe Strummer & Mick Jones? It goes to show that there’s a wider range of acceptance than a lot of genres. A broad church indeed…

      Last Saturday I had to dep for a friend’s band at The Swinging Arm in Birkenhead. It was a very much a Rock gig and one I’d like to do a lot more if the chance arose.

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