iTunes here we come!

beatifiq talking to me

This is the artwork for beatifiq’s first single “Talking to Me”. Note: hair is not model’s own.

It’s a well kept secret, but when I’m not writing silly love songs on my acoustic guitar, I can often be found crafting banging house music anthems with my pal Mark “Marky G” Adams. We’ve finally decided to go public about this, and to that end, I’ve sent off two of our banging house music anthems to iTunes, Spotify, Amazon et al.

Of course, you can’t have your banging house music anthems on iTunes without having a website, which is why you haven’t heard from me for the past two weeks: I’ve been busy working on a banging house music website to tell people about the banging house music anthems we write.

So the banging house music anthems tracks are on their way to the online stores and our banging house music website is almost up-and-running. Exciting times! Seriously, only a few years ago, it would have been impossible to get your music into any of your local high street stores. Now we can get our music into the big online stores meaning that our tunes are available to buy worldwide.

But has all this come too late for me to be an internationally known, Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter???

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