Max Boyce Avenue

Max Boyce Avenue

Max Boyce: There’s an avenue named after him. Somewhere.

Well, that’s another year almost over. Dunno about you, but I think 2013 went a little slower than last year: 2012 just raced by, didn’t it? Shooom!! I mean, I know time is relative and all that, but 2012 was just having a laugh, wasn’t it?

So there we go, another year gone. And here’s me: numerically another year older, potentially another year wiser, but definitely still no closer to being an internationally known, Grammy Award winning, singer/songwriter. Damn.

I guess I really will have to start recording my songs (all 170-odd of them) and posting them online. You know, I’ve just been on YouTube, watching a few snippets of Boyce Avenue. And I thought “Boyce Avenue? What kind of name is that? Is it some kind of tribute to the one-and-only Max Boyce, one of the unfunniest comedians to ever come from The Valleys?”

Actually, I’ve always assumed Max Boyce was a comedian… maybe he wasn’t. Wouldn’t explain his act, but it would explain why he wasn’t remotely funny. Maybe he was just some kind of social commentator. Or a weatherman. Like Michael Fish. Fish Avenue: isn’t that a good name for a band?

Anyway, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, Boyce Avenue: they’ve got about a billion views on YouTube, just from doing acoustic cover versions. Outrageous!! Whereas Max Boyce, on the other hand, has just over 40,000 views for his original song The Glory That Was Rome. Where is the justice!? Where is the justice!!!???

(In all seriousness, I’ve just watched that Max Boyce video and I take it back. He is funny. Waaaay funnier than his namesake Boyce Avenue.)

And anyway, could Boyce Avenue play a New Year’s Eve gig at the White Lion? Hey? Could they? Well, yes, obviously they could. But no, they can’t! Coz I’m playing there already!! And I’m doing Max Boyce covers all bloody night!!!

white lion new years eve 2013

Let’s play “Where’s The Wally”.


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