Let me entertain you… oh go on.

white lion 14 december 2013 small

After a gigless November (I was far too exhausted being an electrician’s mate all month to even contemplate picking up a small plectrum, let alone a whole guitar), I’m back at the White Lion next Saturday for my monthly residency.

It’s nice to have a residency – a regular, recurring gig – and one of my New year’s resolutions will be to get a few more. One a week would be nice, it would mean I could cut back on rehearsals and concentrate on recording my debut album (another New Year’s resolution).

I must say I’m grateful to Brenda and Phil, the couple who run the White Lion, for the regular gig. When I’m an internationally renowned, Grammy Award winning, Oscar nominated singer/songwriter (yet another New Year’s resolution), I will of course return once a year to host a free, weekend-long music festival in the smoking shed in the White Lion beer garden. Just my little way of saying thank you.

Any other pubs, bars or restaurants out there looking to host a free gig from an internationally renowned, Grammy award winning, Oscar nominated singer/songwriter, book me now while I still have space in my diary…

2 thoughts on “Let me entertain you… oh go on.

  1. Smith! Is that you Smith? I always said you’d amount to nothing. An artisan’s assistant and popular beat singer. Disgraceful- report to my office.

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