Don’t mention the B word

Daft Punk and me

Daft Punk and me: I think maybe one of us needs an image makeover.

Those of you who regularly read my blog (my last post was a whole month ago, so I’m redefining the word regular here) will know that, as well as being a prolific songwriter (not that I’ve given you much evidence of late) and doing a lot of work for charity (I’ve played in aid of Claire House, MacMillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK in recent months), I’m also in a duo called B******* making what is known in modern parlance as Electronic Dance Music (or EDM for short).

Did you notice that I wrote B******* and not B*******? That’s because I’ve decided to edit all my posts that mention the name B******* and replace that name with B*******. Why? Well I realised that, if B******* are ever gonna make it in the EDM world, we need to have a bit of mystery: it can’t just be some catchy dance pop numbers put together by two nerdy middle aged blokes from the Wirral who aren’t OMD. We need a bit of mystique, pizzazz, chutzpah even (I’m not entirely sure what “chutzpah” is, but in all likelihood we need some of it). We need to be nameless and faceless but cool, like Daft Punk. We could do with a really cool image like Daft Punk have, but no image is better than the world knowing that B******* is just a guy who likes to sing maudlin Radiohead covers down his local boozer, and another guy who makes plinky plonky 80s dance music in the spare room of his suburban semi.

These past few weeks I’ve been remixing four B******* tracks for an EP which we are currently getting mastered in preparation for its release on iTunes. Yes, we finally think we’re producing stuff that’s good enough to warrant us spending our hard-earned cash on getting our music onto iTunes, and good enough to warrant you spending your hard-earned cash on buying our music from iTunes. If you would please kindly do so.

Well, that’s the idea at any rate.

But enough of this chit-chat, I’ve got some maudlin Radiohead covers to rehearse for my next pub gig.

7 thoughts on “Don’t mention the B word

  1. That could take some time. Maybe you should aim a bit lower, perhaps try Pete Waterman, tell him you’ve got a train set in your attic?

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