Gary Stewart Smith’s Rock Family Tree


They’re not rock, they’re the funny bendy trees I found on İztuzu Beach.

In one of the now defunct weekly UK music papers – Sounds, I think – there used to be a regular feature by a guy called Pete Frame entitled Rock Family Trees. It would be a full page spread where Mr Frame would depict the genealogy of a popular band of the time – Pink Floyd for example – as a family tree, showing the band’s roots: all the different bands that the band members had been in, leading up to what would be regarded as the “classic” group line-up. So, in the Floyd example, you could trace Dave Gilmour‘s path from his first band The Newcomers, through The Ramblers, Jokers Wild and Bullitt, to the point were he replaces Syd Barrett as Floyd’s guitarist.

While lounging by the pool on my holidays in Dalyan, Turkey (I’m back now in good old – albeit wet and cold – West Kirby) I drew up a list of all the bands I’d been in and all the names of the people I’d played with in those bands. Thought I’d try creating my own Rock Family Tree. I think I managed to recall all bands I’d been in over the years, though I must admit the names of one or two individuals still elude me.

I ended up with quite a list:-

  • 24 different bands
  • 13 guitarists
  • 11 drummers
  • 8 vocalists
  • 4 bass players
  • 3 keyboard players
  • 1 flute player
  • 1 saxophonist
  • 1 trumpet player

Never let it be said that I didn’t pay my dues. Paid in full, baby, paid in full!

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