Love is… doing the washing up together


In my last post, I mentioned Sofi Nieto, Si Blades and Mark Adams, my last three long term musical partners (if we don’t count any of the present or previous members of Liquorice Allstars).

I often say that being in a band is very much like being in a relationship with someone. You know, like girlfriend and boyfriend, but with more guitars and less shagging. There’s got to be a lot of give and take and a lot of compromise to make things work. You know, I’ll wash up if you dry and who’s turn is it to walk the dog. Mark and I have been together (musically only, I hasten to add) for years because we do our fair share of the chores. I’m not sure if Sofi understood what I was getting at: she’d say “but Gaz, you don’t even have a dog!”

So anyway, all this got me thinking, if Sofi, Si and Mark have been my last three long-term musical lovers (which would make Giorgio di Bella and Jamie Clague a couple of one night stands and Liquorice Allstars some kind of communal hippy love-in), who have been the significant others in my rich and varied musical life? For there have been many. Oh yes! I put it around a bit when I was young!

Musically, that is.

Over the next few posts, I’ll see if I can remember them all – this’ll be of great help when I come to write my memoirs in a few years time. You know, when I’m a world renowned, award winning songwriter and stuff…

5 thoughts on “Love is… doing the washing up together

  1. well yes, but you forgot to mention all the magic that goes on to get the dishes there in the fist place! or you could live dangerously and do the greek thing and throw some dishes at a wall. Or you could just wash up and enjoy the simple pleasures in life together. i don’t mind a bit of washing up, stops me worrying about the other things

    • I remember when I first moved in to my new house with my girlfriend of the time, washing the dishes and thinking “is this it!? Is this the rest of my life?”. But now? Yeah, I really don’t mind doing the dishes either! It’s quite cathartic. Though I make sure I moisturize my hands afterwards!

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