Lounge(ing) Music


Just been lounging by the pool, listening to my iPod. As I quite often find myself doing while on holiday, I was listening to a bunch of my own recordings: the latest b******* tracks that me and Mark Adams have been putting together; the last recording sessions that I made with singer Sofi Nieto, back when we were The Snags; and the Kings of Inertia “live” album I recorded with drummer Si Blades.

In the cold light of day I think that all of this stuff, in its own way, is pretty good. The new stuff me and Mark are doing really does have commercial potential – if only we knew what to do with the end product…

As for the Snags stuff, the last thing we ever recorded – a cover of Tracy Chapman’s Fast Car – remains the best thing we ever recorded. I remember the evening I finished the mix, I brought it out with me on a CD to the bar where Sofi was drinking, and got my friend Neil to play it loud on his car’s CD player. It sounded brilliant, brought a lump to my throat. I think Sofi liked with too: she and her friends sat in the back of her boyfriend John’s van and played it over and over.

Success! I thought… and we never recorded another note together ever again.

The last thing I ever recorded with Simon as Kings of Inertia – 13 original tracks in an afternoon – also remains the best thing that he and I ever did. 13 songs, most of which I’d never ever played to another living soul, rehearsed once, then recorded: drums, rhythm guitar, vocals. The next day, I overdubbed bass, lead guitar and backing vocals: an entire albums-worth of songs recorded in two days, like an early Beatles album.

Success! I thought… And we never recorded another note together ever again.

So, will it be third time lucky with b******* and Mark Adams? Bloody well hope so…

3 thoughts on “Lounge(ing) Music

    • We eventually got round to finishing some tracks and getting them out on iTunes. The name of the band is beatifiq. Whether you’d like it or not is another matter, Julie! We’re still waiting to be discovered…

      Reading through this post again, it’s kinda sad that neither The Snags and Sofi Nieto nor Kings of Inertia ever got as far as getting songs out on iTunes. I still think Fast Car is one of the best recordings I’ve ever actually finished. Also sad that I offered to pay for me and Simon to go into a professional studio to record some of my songs and didn’t get bowled over by his enthusiasm.

      Oh well – I can and will do it all myself.

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