Sharing the pain

You say "pain", I say "baguette".

You say “pain”, I say “baguette”.

Well, I’m busy in my studio running through some songs for tomorrow teatime’s gig at the Festival of Firsts in Tides café bar, Hoylake. What I normally do around this point is record myself, play it back and think “oh God! I’m rubbish! I’m a fraud!” and regret ever thinking I was good enough to play in public. Occasionally, however, I’ll play back a recording and go “well, that’s not bad… yeah, that’s okay” and decide that the show will go on after all. Hopefully I’ll have one or two of those moments today.

I thought today I’d share the pain with you, my loyal reader. So here’s me performing a song from one of my favourite bands: Crowded House. They seem to be kinda forgotten by the general public these days (at least forgotten by the audiences I play to), but way back in the early 90s (back when I was still trying to master Em7 on guitar) they were almost big*. They wrote lovely, melodic, Beatlesesque songs – the type I often (aspire to) write myself, when I’m not writing silly throwaway songs like Folk On or Assholes or (how to write a) Mumfords song – all of which incidentally will feature in tomorrow’s gig.

*Actually, looking at their Wikipedia entry, I now realise they weren’t as “almost big” as I thought they were – they were a top 30 band rather than top 10, even in their native New Zealand. Oh well, they were big for me

Anyway, here’s me playing Four Seasons in One Day. It’s a really quick recording that I made with just one vocal mic, nothing fancy. The initial recording is live, one take, though I couldn’t help but add a little bit of harmony vocal, a) coz I like doing harmony vocals and b) coz Crowded House were well known for their vocal harmony: I always thought that that was what made them special. In a Beatlesesque way.

If you like this recording, drop me a line of encouragement. If you think it stinks, well, keep it to yourself til after the gig’s over.

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