The sun has got it’s hat on. Me? I’m wearing my sandals.

Another week is almost over, and it looks like summer is finally here. Yup, as I write these words, the sun is actually shining outside. No honest, it’s proper warm and everything… T-shirt weather! And shorts – it’s shorts weather too! In fact, I’d go as far to say it’s t-shirt, shorts and sandals weather! yes, it’s that warm! I’m wearing my sandals! But don’t worry, they aren’t Dad Sandals. They’re cool, they’re Keen Newports.

Only problem wit hte sun being out is it gets very warm in my studio during the day. My studio is in the roof space of our modest West Kirby terrace, and there’s no insulation above my head, so when the sun shines on the rooftop all day, it gets kinda hot and stuffy. I can’t open the window when I’m recording or rehearsing, my singing might scare the seagull chicks into leaping off the roof – one way to get them to learn to fly though, I suppose.

Got my final gig of the month this Saturday, at the Hoylake Festival of Firsts. I played this event last year, and the sun, coincidentally, was out then too. It was a lovely day, and good to see so many people out and about supporting a local event. Mind you, the warm weather meant that most people were stood outside drinking when I was on, and probably couldn’t actually hear me. Oh well, maybe that’s for the best…

Whatever the weather, whatever the crowd, I’m still going to play a set of my own songs again this year – last year’s Festival of Firsts was truly a first for me, as I played a full set of my own songs, not a cover in sight. And one day, when I’m an internationally known, Grammy Award winning songwriter, people will be able to say “you know, I almost saw him play at the Festival of Firsts, but I was too busy working on my tan”.

3 thoughts on “Sun!

  1. I’ll be there, backing you on percussion – but I won’t be wearing any form of sandal – EVER! I have good reasons for having a sandal-phobia and it involves a childhood memory shared with the Heath brothers…don’t ask…or maybe, do.

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