oh beloved beavers

the beloved

Whatever happened to The Beloved? Who are beatifiq? And what’s all this got to do with beavers?

Almost a fortnight gone since my last post, and so very little to show for it. Hours and hours spent billetted, nay ensconced, in my studio, beavering away – like a busy beaver, beavering busily – but not a dam to show for it. Not even a small lodge.

I’m currently dividing my studio time between preparing for my upcoming Liquorice Allstars gigs (as detailed in my last post), recording some acoustic cover versions in order to get myself some more solo gigs (I’ve decided to be proactive and prostitute my art… I said “art”), and remixing the next b******* “hit” single (not that you’ve heard the last b******* “hit” single yet – but more on b******* later).

Speaking of Liquorice Allstars, we get a brief mention on the Festival of Firsts 2013 website. Unfortunately, despite telling the FoF website editor (yes, you, George Roberts!) any number of times that Liquorice Allstars are a bona fide pop rock folk funk band, the website still states that “Liquorice Allstars is the alter ego of local stalwart Gary Stewart Smith“. Oh no it’s not! My alter ego is… no, wait: that would be telling.

Oh, and apparently my songs provide “a wry and realistic view of the world as he sees it”. Again, I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but at least my name is in “print” – I guess erroneous publicity is better than no publicity at all.

It’s been a while since I mentioned b******* (in fact, it was way back then), a little electro-pop duo formed way back at the start of the 21st century, with Mark “Ad.Mark” Adams producing the music and me Gary “Pop.Art” Smith providing lyrics and melody. Mark creates these modern yet retro-sounding Electronic Dance Music tracks, sends ’em to me, and I sing all over them in a decidely retro New Order slash The Beloved 80s kinda way. A far cry from my normal acoustic noodlings in a minor key, but catchy nonetheless, I hope.

In my next post, I’ll throw in a completed b******* track for you to listen to – if you like 80s sounding electronic dance music, you should like b*******.

Ooh, bet you can’t wait…

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