Gaz is live!

paul is dead

It is famously rumoured that Paul McCartney actually died in 1966 and was replaced by a look-a-like. Which might explain The Frog Chorus.

A few gigs in the pipeline to tell you about:-

On Friday 28th June, Liquorice Allstars ride again! We’re playing at the Hilbre Court in West Kirby: it’s a presentation evening following on from the Claire House charity event we played earlier in the year. A rare chance to see Nick “The Drum Doctor” Lauro, Gaz “Funkmeister” Hill and Andy “Kitch” Kitchinson in their natural live habitat. I can say in all seriousness that we are pretty good, and you should come down to see us play if you’re local.

The following weekend, Saturday 6th June, it’s my regular monthly will-he-won’t-he-be-solo gig in the White Lion. Under the banner of Allstars 80s Jukebox, I’ll be playing songs from the 80s along with some of my own originals. I’ve just finished working out the chords to A-ha‘s Hunting High and Low and the Boomtown RatsI Don’t Like Mondays, which’ll give you an idea of the type of material to expect.

Finally, the weekend after that, I’m playing the Wirral Festival of Firsts. I’ll be in Tides cafĂ© bar in Hoylake, on Saturday 13th July, filling the 6pm slot. I’m hoping to be joined by the Drum Doctor and the Funkmeister, and am intending to play mainly Gary Stewart Smith originals. I’m also hoping that by this time, I’ll have some decent recordings to direct people to.

That’s the gig news, now here’s Fred with the weather…

6 thoughts on “Gaz is live!

  1. Oh good – we can do a set of 50/50 my stuff and covers, then do a set with Gaz n Kitch if they’re up for it. I’d like to do several Waterboys numbers and throw in some Levellers, Saw Doctors and Pogues, with K & G on banjo and mandola. Maybe get Amy to play recorder. Folk on!

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