Man plans, God LOLs…

… Gaz plans, God LHFAO.

You might remember that in my last post, I said I was defiantly, defiantly, defiantly (why can’t some people spell “definitely” properly? It’s not exactly “accommodation” is it? Don’t these people know how to use a smell chicken?) going to be doing some recording this week. Well, I shoulda known to keep my mouth shut, or rather, my typing fingers still. I’m sure that as soon as I hit the publish button, I started coming down with a cold. Spent Monday and Tuesday lying around feeling sorry for myself and getting sunburnt in the back yard; Wednesday helping my friend build a patio (Gary Stewart Smith: singer/songwriter/cement-mixer, that’s me) and getting sunburnt in someone else’s back yard; and today in the electrical shop where I work part-time (and blog the other part of the time).

Recording? Pah! I haven’t even seen the inside of my studio this week. I have a gig this Saturday, so will be spending all day tomorrow running through my songs and making sure my equipment is in working order (no missus, I mean my PA equipment). Saturday daytime will be spent working in the shop and sorting out the running order. That big red record button will remain resolutely – one might say defiantly –  untouched.

Don’t ask me my plans for next week: God knows I haven’t got any.

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