Note to self

Guy Piece in Memento

Gary Stewart Smith prepares to play a gig without his little black books.

I am definitely, definitely, definitely (and I’ll throw in a “defiantly” for all the Facebook posts and forum comments written by people who don’t know how to spell “definitely”) doing some recording next week.

Out there on the internet, with a potential audience of billions, I’ve got a handful of Soundcloud accounts with several hours of music on them, but very little on there which represents how I really sound (or rather, want to sound). I have only two Youtube videos (that I know of at least), neither of which reflect how I look or sound (in the first, I’m some bare chested loon with a Jacko wig and shades; in the second, I’m a toddler in a romper suit… not as crazy as it sounds, it is me from when I was a toddler).

I need to take this music business a bit more seriously. I need to have a cull of the material on those Soundcloud accounts, and probably should take those two Youtube videos out of circulation. That all needs replacing with some good quality covers to get me a few more pub/bar/restaurant gigs, and some well-recorded originals to show people that I actually do write and perform my own stuff (and that they are as catchy and commercial as I claim). I’ve written about a dozen albums-worth of tunes but don’t feel I’ve got a decent recording of any of them. I also need to learn how to play these songs – originals and covers – without reading them from my little black books. Like I used to back in the days before computers…

Looking on the positive side for a change, I have started performing some of these songs on a regular basis, and they’ve been well-received by the audience (people have even danced to some of the more upbeat ones). I’ve been writing songs for half my life, but only started letting people hear them in the last few years. Better late than never though, eh?

Hey! This is a note to self! What are you doing reading it!!??

3 thoughts on “Note to self

  1. A lot of the time I have very little confidence in myself, and sometimes when I try hard it goes all wrong. There is someone though who has always made me feel good about myself,( most of the time) and I never knew why he did that, but I have always been so grateful. I would like to clime a mountain sometime with him, maybe in February, and just smile, thats how he makes me feel (most of the time). live music does that to me too sometimes,so keep going with that, sing out the blues and make someone smile.

    • What a nice comment! Thank you. Yes, I’ll keep on going… although I have to admit I haven’t made much progress since I posted this article! I did play live a fair bit last year, and played quite a few of my own songs at my gigs. Most of the time, I’m fairly confident about my abilities to sing and play, and I believe I have written some really good songs. I really will just have to shut my eyes, press record on my video camera, and start posting to YouTube.

      Thanks for the kind words.

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