Where are we now?

David Bowie

Ten years to record your album, Bowie? That’s nuffink!! Try ten years per TRACK!

It took David Bowie ten years to record his new album, right? The way I’m going, I think it’s gonna take me just as long…

Just thought I’d write a progress update. You won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve not finished anything yet (my friend Stef says I’m not what they call a “completer-finisher”, more a “starter-procrastinator”). But I’ve got plenty on the go. I shall list them here for you – we can come back in say, a month’s time, and see if I’ve ticked any of these off.

1. I’ve now got two different versions of Still Got The Blues For You – yes, still working on that one. The first is in a Gary Moore style, the other one less rock-y, more acoustic and poppy: less Gary Moore, if you like, more Gary Stewart Smith. Less is Moore, more or less. Only trouble is, I’ve heard this song so many times I can’t bear to listen to it again. So mixing them down is a bit problematic.

suzanne vega

Suzanne Vega: insert witty caption here… nope, can’t think of one right now.

2. I’ve got an interesting instrumental piece I call Vega, based on the obvious Suzanne Vega vocal sample from Tom’s Diner – people of a certain age will immediately recognise it. Yeah, I know it’s been used before in that DNA remix way back in 1990. 1990: seems like only yesterday, but it was almost a quarter of a century ago. Gulp – I play with people who weren’t even born then…

3. Mark Adams, my musical partner in the electronic dance music duo known (by very, very few) as – oh wait, I can’t tell you what we’re known or not known as, it’s a little known secret – has sent me a couple of new dance tracks to work on, provisionally entitled So Right and Song 2 (nothing to do with the Blur track of the same name). I’ve got the melody and have almost finished writing the lyrics to Song 2 – now retitled Hole In My Heart – took me about ten minutes, so you just know it’s gonna be good…

4. Another Mark, this one being video producer Mark Wells from Artfacts Video Production, has commissioned me to write some instrumental music for some of his promotional videos. Don’t suppose “an interesting instrumental piece called Vega” would be suitable, would it? Maybe not for Business Network International, no. Oh alright then, back to the musical drawing board I go.

5. Finally, I’ve got a couple of gigs coming up this coming weekend. Liquorice Allstars are playing a gig in aid of the charity Claire House on the Friday. On the Saturday, I’m playing for my own particular favourite charity – me – at that hot bed of musical talent (yeah, there’s me, and there’s this 60-something blues duo called Groundhog) the White Lion Inn in West Kirby.

Gonna be a busy week – here’s hoping against hope that I actually get round to finishing what I’ve started. Time alone will tell…

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