Enough of those goddamn blues already!

Gary Moore chewing a wasp

The late, great, Gary Moore. Okay, he played guitar better than me, but come on, admit it! I’m a bit better looking, no?

It’s not finished yet, I will have to come back to it next week with a fresh pair of ears (£9.99 for a pack of four in Superdrug), but here’s that version of Still Got The Blues For You that I promised you. Jamie Clague on lead guitar, Gary Stewart Smith (that’s me) on bass, drums, piano and overwrought vocals. “Who does he think he is? George Michaels?”

Now I’ve gotta move on and work on some tunes with my old mate Mark Adams in our Electronic Dance Music duo beatifiq, The Wirral’s answer to The Pet Shop Boys. Wait a sec, make that “The Wirral’s answer to OMD“. Oh hang on, OMD are from The Wirral. How about “The Wirral’s answer to Hot Chip“? Waddaya mean “who”? Okay, okay, let me see… The Wirral’s answer to New Order. Though I suppose that was OMD.

Whatever. The name of the band is called beatifiq. And we answer to no-one!

2 thoughts on “Enough of those goddamn blues already!

  1. It’s based on the same chord sequence. It’s possible that I’ve added an extra note in the piano chording that makes the chord slightly different to the what I play on guitar, but inherently it’s still the same Dm7 Gm7 A7 sequence. I admit it has come out sounding rather different from the original demo, but if/when we play it live, it’ll still be the guitar version obviously, as none of us can play piano!

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