Almost got the blues

The Foos and I

Like Foo Fighters without the shouting, like Toad-in-the-hole without the sausage.

After a gruelling week in the studio – and thank God I’ve got my own small home studio and am not having to pay by the hour – I’ve finally practically almost nearly finished the mix of Still Got The Blues For You.

And I must say, I’m almost quite marginally moderately pleased by the results of my labours: the piano track sounds (to my non-piano player’s ears) like a piano being played by a piano player; the bass playing is tasteful and discrete (that’s me!); the drums are fairly restrained and nominally in time (result!); and there are some graceful blues guitar licks provided by Mr Jamie Clague (legend!).

Hey, even the vocals sound in tune (coincidence!) I was going to tell you who I think the vocal sounds like (other than sounding a bit like me, obviously), but didn’t want to colour your opinion. Feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts. As long as they’re clean.

By the way, I should point out that I haven’t just been working on the one track. Oh no. I’ve also been mixing a pop/rock number (think Foo Fighters but without the shouting – that hurts my throat) called Us Against The World (which should be the theme tune to some American Friends-style sitcom), and remixing Rose Tinted Glasses (a song that has almost gone viral on Youtube – over 200 views!!!! Check it out here). These are a couple of tunes that I’m hoping my friends in Liquorice Allstars like enough to play at our next gig. Failing that, they may be open to bribes.

And there’s more! I’ve also laid down drum tracks for some of my other “popular” songs – it’s about time the world had a decent version of my popular punk-folk song Folk On to pogo along to, for starters – and written a new song or two (or rather, come up with melodies and chord progressions for some old lyrics I found).

Ooh, haven’t I been busy!? I need a lie down…

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