I got them recording studio blues

gaz squared

Annual meeting of the Left-handed Guitarists Called “Gaz” Society: Gary Stewart Smith duets with a mandolin-playing Gareth Hill.

It’s been quite a while, but I’ve finally switched my recording gear on (if you live in the West Kirby area, you may have noticed a slight dimming of the lights and your freezer might have switched itself off – that was my fault, sorry if I spoiled your ready meals) with the intent of recording some of my songs at long last.

I forgot just how time-consuming recording is – I switch on my gear in the morning, start working on a drum track, get the valve in my vocal mic warmed up, run through a couple of songs and it’s teatime already. The good lady wife asks “what have you done today?” and all I have to play her is an eight bar drum beat. “Is that all?” she asks. To which I can only respond “dum tish tish tish…”

Yes, there’s something to be said for real drummers. Unfortunately you can’t have them sat in the corner of your studio 24/7 waiting for inspiration to strike: they’d eat you out of house and home, for starters. Plus, they’re not the cleanest of domestic animals. And the racket they make when they get on that damned wheel of theirs…

Ah, drummers. I always say (well, not always always, that would make for a tedious conversation) that there was a reason why the Japanese made the drum-machine, and not the bass-machine or the guitar-machine. In my many years of recording and gigging, I found the only thing you can rely on with drummers is that you can’t rely on them. Yes, there’s the odd exception – step forward and take a bow Nick “The Drum Doctor” Lauro (the early 21st Century version at any rate – we lost touch in the 80s, he might have been a complete and utter bar-steward for all I know). But in the main, if they can let you down, they will let you down.

Or maybe it’s just me? What d’you mean “probably”?

jamie clague

Jamie Clague is definitely going places, even if it is just Deva Road Studio.

Meanwhile, back in Deva Road Studio, I’ve been working on recording a halfway decent version of Still Got The Blues For You (my song, not the song of the same name by Gary Moore) at the request of my good friend Duncan Lewis. Duncan’s in the music business, and thinks he might be able to get someone to do a cover of it (though this wouldn’t actually be a first – my old school friend Karl Jones has apparently recorded a cover of Girl On A Train, though I’ve yet to hear it). Which would be nice.

So far, I’ve laid down the drum track, and almost finished recording the two-fingered piano. Come Monday, I’ll breeze through the bassline – bass guitar being one of the few instruments I’m competent at playing – lay down a guide vocal, and then get guitar maestro Jamie Clague to put the icing on the cake with some tasty blues guitar licks.

Icing. Cake. Tasty. Licks. Looks like it’s Maple Pecan Danish O’clock

7 thoughts on “I got them recording studio blues

  1. You should have got me to lay it down on the Roland kit as:

    a.) The Roland kit is very quiet
    b.) I won’t eat high levels of saturated fat content food and you like heart-attack fry-ups as shown on Facebook & I’m veggie!
    c.) I’m very clean (or “he’s very clean” as Paul McCartney says in ‘A Hard Days Night’ as he describes his screen Grandad, Wilfred Brambell)

    Drummer are generally unreliable as they are too busy being drum whores for whoever will pay them for their services. I was one of those, once, for a good 15 years – so it’s probably best you did lose contact with me in the 80’s.

    I’ve cleaned up my act now though.

    “He’s very clean!”

    • We’ll nail those mofo’s, I’ll stay off the wine and play ’em straight, a bit like the pro I used to be.

  2. Play, sing or write it for you, keep it real, don’t be shy, you are an exquisite-ly faceted character, if we heard just one side of that i would wager a winner

    • I’m sitting here at work waiting for my latest bit of recording equipment to arrive. It’s been a while since I treated myself, but I’m hoping (as always) that this next piece of gear will be the magical ingredient, the silver bullet, the final piece of the jigsaw. Once I get just one decent recording made, the floodgates will open!

  3. Im really enjoying listening to your music . Some of it very powerful. So difficult to express emotion, there’s plenty of that in your lyrics and its captivating.

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