Good times

Gary Stewart Smith and Nick Lauro

The Way They Were: Gary Stewart Smith and Nick “The Drum Doctor” Lauro. Could it be that we were oh so simple then (back in 1984)?

An assortment of Liquorice Allstars gathered at Deva Road Studios last Saturday to rehearse for the upcoming Hilbre Court gig. Nick “The Drum Doctor” Lauro; Gaz “Funkmeister” Hill; Andy “Kitch” Kitchinson”; and yours truly, Gary Stewart “It’s My House So I Get To Sing The Songs I Want To Sing” Smith.

The guys all arrived at 6pm, guitars in one hand, bottles of wine in the other. We left Nick to set up his kit while we adjourned to the kitchen and cracked open a bottle of Malbec. A short while later, we cracked open a second and moved up to the studio, gave Nick a top-up, gave the guitars a tune-up, and set about the task of working our way through the two dozen possible candidates for the set list (Hendrix, Dylan, Bowie, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Dire Straits, if you must know).

It was all jolly cordial: we sat round the dining table with a home delivery curry (4 popadoms, 3 mains, 3 sides, 2 plain naan, 1 pilau rice, if you must know), drank several bottles of wine, and talked about the good old days. We breezed through the twenty odd songs without a hitch or a harsh word, and all left feeling happy and confident in our abilities and looking forward to the forthcoming gig.

If all band rehearsals were as easy and enjoyable as this, I’d be in a band.

Andy Kitchinson, Gaz Hill, Paul Dodd

A rare sighting of Gaz “Funkmeister” Hill (centre), when he was just plain old Gareth Hill (with Andy “Kitch” Kitchinson on the left and Paul “P Doddy” Dodd on the right, circa 1984)

15 thoughts on “Good times

    • In all seriousness Leo me old mucker: me, Kitch and Gaz have had curries together so many times over the years that we know our limitations. Only Nick Lauro’s capacity for naan waas unknoown. In the final analysis, two plain naan was sufficient.

  1. HOLY F@^%!*> $@!#

    It’s me on my Mark Brzezicki wannabe Maxwin (by Pearl) drum kit with the stripped & varnished shells! I thought this was some sort of photo mock-up – but it’s real! How did this get taken? I don’t remember – was I really that young once?!!??!

    One thing’s for sure, when you get older you lose the hang-ups about playing music because the game plan changes. The need to prove ones-self goes out of the window. Yeah, I can produce a number of (unsuccessful) albums I’ve been recorded on, so what? It doesn’t matter any more. The only important thing is playing the music for the moment and if it’s good, loking forward to the next moment you do it again.

    Saag Aloooooooooooo!!!!

  2. Naan…well I’m shocked, frankly. Over here I have to travel some distance to get a half decent curry and naan is one of my all time favourite stodgy things. I thought that this was a basic human need…

    On the ‘too young’ side of things – I must admit that the adoration of Joplin is one of those things (like Bowie’s popularity) which I don’t understand at all. Maybe I’m just weird.

  3. Drummers drum best on a full stomach, energy spent, calories burned. Singing is for lasses, not real blokes who work down t’pit.

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