Me looking pleased.

I am so pleased with my new look blog that I thought I’d post a picture of me looking pleased. See how pleased I look! Look at that pleased expression! The very epitome of pleasedness! Could I be more pleased!? You could just bottle that expression and put a label on the side saying “Pleased For Men“. And underneath in small print you could write “apply liberally to face three times a day”. You might even want to put a disclaimer on the label saying “may contain pleasure”. That’s how pleased I am!

What’s even better is they’ve finally fixed the bug in WordPress and/or Soundcloud that stopped my iPad-toting friends from being able to see the Soundcloud player and play the music that I posted in my blog. I only wish I had some new recordings to post to celebrate the fact. In fact, if I didn’t have my annual winter-long cold, I’d have recorded some new stuff this very day. Hopefully by next week that irritating cough will have gone. Hopefully my irritating voice will remain and I’ll be able to do some new recordings.

But just to demonstrate that iPad users (and I expect Kindle Fire and Google Nexus users also) can now see the Soundcloud player, here’s a song that I recorded last year for my mate Nick Lauro. Nick had kindly volunteered to percuss with me at a local festival, and as I was playing a set of original songs that no-one in the world had ever heard (and very few people in the world have heard since), I thought I’d better record him some rough demo tracks to listen to. This is one of those tracks, recorded “live”, one take, so there may be the odd bum note, missed chord or stray timing. But didn’t someone once say imperfection is beauty? Or did I just make that up? And if I did just make that up, can I copyright it somehow?

The song is called Forevermore.

And remember: imperfection is beauty…

6 thoughts on “Pleased

  1. I remember playing this on the day in question.

    If that’s your ‘pleased’ look, I dread to think what your ‘marginally illuminated’ look is….

    The Soundcloud thing is all Flash isn’t it? They do an HTML5 version as well, but not everyone’s using browsers that will render HTML5 doctypes. Your song I think is rendered in HTML5 rather than Flash.

    Steve Jobs of course, banished Flash in its native format from his devices. I know You Tube use Flash and there’s a You Tube app for iPhones so it’s kept in its own sandbox away from iPhone OS.

  2. 1) Glad you got round to playing it!

    2) I don’t have a ‘pleased’ look, just ‘worried’, ‘concerned’ and ‘cheesed off’!

    3) I’ve started using the HTML 5 version, which means that iPad, Kindle Fire and Google Nexus users can now see the player. Plus it looks cooler.

    4) Apple are no longer the guys in the white hats.

  3. You should be ‘Pleased’ Gary, your song is perfectly beautiful and very romantic. If you have a girl or want to impress one play her Forevermore, I’m sure shell love it,.

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