New Year, New Look

Portrait of the artist as a young man with his t-shirt tucked into his pants.

Portrait of the artist as a young man with his t-shirt tucked into his pants.

I’m not going to do my usual and apologise for not updating my blog and make my usual gags about only having two regular readers and make more rash promises that we all know I’ll never keep and say anything about starting afresh and this time I mean it and no-one pays any attention anyway and blah blah blah…

Instead, I’m going to fiddle around with the layout of my blog and see if I can find one that looks really good on my new Kindle Fire and on Amy’s iPad, so even if I’m not writing anything worth reading, at least it’ll be nice to look at.

Speaking of which, I’ve just viewed several hundred photos of me and not found one that makes me look anywhere near as cool or good-looking as I really am. Some people just aren’t photogenic. Or cool. Or good-looking.

So I’ve reused this old photo from the early days of colour photography, when, even though I’ve got my t-shirt tucked into my pants, at least I look like I’ve got a bit of an attitude. I’m probably just sulking, but hey, even sulking is some kind of attitude.

10 thoughts on “New Year, New Look

    • Is that for I’m using the free themes from, so have a limited choice. But this one is fairly image-oriented which is what I was looking for, mainly coz my new Kindle Fire and Amy’s iPad are both image-oriented.

      I used to be a nerd, a few years ago, building websites from scratch, by hand. But I can’t be bothered with all that now – just gimme something that works.

      • It’s all third party hosting. I can never find a theme that does exactly what I want so always end up starting from scratch and adding plugins as necessary, depending on the functionality required.

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