Are you talking to me?

Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver: one crazy Focker.

Long, long ago, at the very dawn of the 21st Century, singer/songwriter Gary Stewart Smith (i.e. me) and composer/keyboard player Mark Adams got together in a brief flurry of activity in a duo called <name redacted>. They wrote a handful of funky, sample-based dance tracks and signed a highly speculative (and generally suspect) recording contract with a couple of chancers who called themselves Crude Music. This was way back in the days before iTunes, Soundcloud, MySpace or Facebook (well it was as far as I’m concerned – I can’t be bothered to check the dates) when, if you were in a band and you wanted to get your music heard, you had to get what they called a “record deal”. Which meant you made a deal with someone, who would take some of your music and all of your money and make you these things called records. A handful of which you would give away to your family and friends, while the remainder would remain hidden in large cardboard boxes in your loft…

Anyway, that was then, this is now. Mark and I got back together again last year and started working on another handful of funky dance tracks. We finally finished re-re-re-mixing them this week, so I thought I’d post one here on my blog to show you that I wasn’t just bullshitting when I said I’d been busy recording. It’s not like my usual plaintive acoustic meanderings – I described it recently as being New Order meets David Guetta, but don’t let that put you off. What do I know? I’m outta touch, you’re outta time… in the words of Daryl Hall.

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