And here’s one I made earlier…

The original(?) Blue Peter presenters: Peter Purves, Valerie Singleton and John Noakes. I can still remember the names from all those years ago, but can’t remember what I just had for lunch.

There’s been a short delay posting those new Electronic Dance Music tracks that I promised earlier, due to some uncertainty over what we are going to call ourselves…

So in the interim, as a kind of delaying tactic, I’m going to post something else. One thing I have done in the past few blog-less months is make a couple of videos. Those of you who have already seen them umpteen times are excused the task of watching them again. But I thought I’d post them both here so I could make some kind of comment on them – so that when I come round to writing my autobiography (at this rate, I’d better start now) I’ve got some facts to work with (rather than just making things up – which I’m sure a lot of writers do).

So the first video I ever made (in the internet era, at least – I’ve got some VHS stuff lying around somewhere (showing my age)) was this one for a song called Rose Tinted Glasses, which I made in a couple of hours on Friday 6 July. It’s a one take shot with a few special video effects and a funny wig. Yep, that’s me in the wig and shades. I am wearing pants.

To date it’s had a massive 204 views!!! Well at least I made three figures…

The second one I made just recently, to mark the end of my collaboration with singer Sofi Nieto. The audio track is the very last thing we ever recorded together, and to me probably the best-sounding thing we ever did. The vocal was recorded really quickly – I made a loop out of the original song’s guitar riff (tuned up a couple of tones) and Sofi sang over it. I then went onto Youtube to learn how to play the guitar riff and replaced the loop with my own guitar-playing (it’s so goo, you wouldn’t know it was me). The track was built up from those bare bones. I think I did pretty well.

The video footage is some old cine film of my family from many many years ago. It doesn’t particularly fit with the content of the song – there are no Fast Cars in it – but I like the nostalgic look of old cine film. It’s had 90 views so far – it’s not gone viral yet (!) but that’s pretty good considering I only posted it 4 days ago.


2 thoughts on “And here’s one I made earlier…

  1. The groovy note belongs to the first video. Thanks for sharing the second video, I did enjoy it very much, very touching.
    I think of new begining s. Perhaps thats because I’m overdue for a new one myself.
    Im not too bad at getting things done, the trouble is I end up spending all my time looking after others and I think I’ve ended up loosing myself. So now its time to try and find me again. Im hopelessly inadequate when it comes to expressing myself though, I lack the confidence, except when it comes to my frustrations. I think thats why I love your music Gary, you say it how it is. To be honest its helped following your blog as It helps to know that Im not the only one trying to get going. Im not sure whether to go for the fast transition or the slower one. anyway heres to saddling up.

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