Back for good?

Members of Take That pose with the winner of the Gary Stewart Smith Look-a-like Competition (second from right).

Every now and then, I vow to myself (and my loyal reader, Leo Simmons of Mission, British Columbia) that I’m going to start posting on a regular basis. Last time I made this rash promise was 24 May 2012. I have made a grand total of three posts since then, the last being 21 July. Rash promises, so easily broken…

I’m not going to do my usual and start making excuses (either coz I’m too lazy, or coz I have got a good excuse but can’t remember what it was – take your pick). I’m not going make any more rash promises about posting at least once a week. In fact, I’m just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t managed to post a single word on this website in 70 days. Yup, just gonna conveniently overlook that particular fact… in the manner of today’s politicians.

Last time I posted, I was telling you about some contemporary electronic dance tracks (sounding a bit like New Order being produced by David Guetta, in my humble opinion) that I was working on with music producer Mark Adams. Well happy to say, I’ve now finished mixing them (a-ha! There’s one of my excuses! Told you I had some!) and so I will put one up here for y’all to listen to. I like it. Hope the rest of the world does too.

When I say “contemporary electronic dance tracks”, I really should be saying Electronic Dance Music, as that is the music genre we think this stuff should be filed under. When we started working on the songs, I don’t think they had a name for it. Now it’s Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, and it’s big in the States, apparently.

I will definitely post one of these tracks tomorrow (before they’re out of fashion again) – beyond which I make no commitment. Well, with my track record, there’s no point is there? Ah, if only our politicians were so honest.

4 thoughts on “Back for good?

  1. I know the pain over trying to update a BLOG. I’ve got so many things waiting to be written, but have that day-job problem preventing me getting them done! I’ve got an hours worth of audio interview still waiting to be transcribed and can’t see when/how I’m going to get that done…

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