Gary Stewart Smith – the reboot

The Amazing Spiderman: if he can reboot, so can the Average Smitherman.

Okay, let’s start again. Let’s forget everything I’ve said, everything I’ve written, everything I’ve posted. Let’s pretend none of it ever happened.

Will you do that for me? Will you?

You will? Good! Then let’s do a reboot, like they’ve done in the new Spiderman film – go back to the beginning and make like the last three films never got made. Strange thing to do in their case, but perfectly valid in mine. Though obviously we’re not talking about films here, we’re talking about posts on a blog. But you get the idea.

Okay then… Hi! My name’s Gary Stewart Smith, and I’m a songwriter living in the North West of England (not far from Liverpool, in fact). I write melodic pop/rock songs, with the occasional deviation into folk and country/rock. I also have the odd foray into dance music, as one half of a duo who must henceforth remain nameless as I don’t want them associated in any way with my uncool solo persona…

My influences are too many to list, though if you listen to my songs you’ll probably be able to pick out a fair few: The Beatles, Crowded House, Elvis Costello, Roddy Frame… hang on, I’m not meant to be listing these! Though now that I’ve mentioned them, if I was one of The Beatles, I’d be Paul – only, the one that wrote Yesterday or Live and Let Die, not the one who wrote The Frog Chorus.

I will be uploading my songs here, and telling you a bit about the story behind each one (there’s normally a story, even if it’s very short). So if you like melodic pop/rock with a hint of folk and a smidgen of country, why not give me a try?

2 thoughts on “Gary Stewart Smith – the reboot

  1. How did the reboot go Gary? I feel sure your doing well. sadly I cant get your latest songs on my computer,I can only see your blog so cant follow at the music. hope to catch up again sometime.

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