Playing for time

Simon Vouet’s “Father Time Overcome by Love, Hope and Beauty” – I presume the one on the right is NOT “Beauty”.

Where does the time go? Tell me: where? Where does it go? The time between my last blog and this one: gone. I just turned around and… gone! Poof! Just like that.

I’m not even gonna come out with the usual “I’ve been busy” line. So what if I’ve been rehearsing with Sofi Nieto for a big wedding later this month? Who cares if I’ve just started an Open University BA in Humanities? Who gives a rat’s ass if I’m working on my first ever video?

What happened to my promise to blog more? Gig more? Record more?

Clearly, I really need some kind of order and discipline to my life. I need some routine. I need a schedule. I need deadlines. I need… a big year planner on my wall, that’s what I need. And different coloured pens to fill it in with. And stick-on stars and stuff. That’ll sort my life out for me. Not that you give a rodent’s bottom about my needs. Or my knees for that matter.

I’m still searching for that elusive acoustic guitar sound that I mentioned many months back (though I really have to ask: do you give an anus rattus?). I think I might be getting closer: yesterday, I tried out a new, two mic technique which sounded really promising. I was hoping to finish the recording I was working on so you could check out the results but… I ran out of time again.

Where does the time go?

3 thoughts on “Playing for time

    • I’m for real, Bob. I’m an aspiring Singer-Songwriter, plagued by doubts and insecurities. Took the redundancy cheque from Her Majesty’s government last year with the intention of recording the 100+ songs I’ve written over the past couple of decades. Finding it hard to get started! The blog is there to record my (painfully slow) progress. Though looking at it positively (which my “life coach” says I’ve gotta start doing), at least I’ve made a start – playing my songs to other people.

      Hey, one day I might be slightly famous, and you can say you knew me before I hit the big time! Cheers!

  1. Time is an odd thing. The first thing I did when I read your blog was remove my clock from the room. How do you quantify time? that could be a title for an essay or maybe a song!
    The mantra “Be here now” comes to mind.

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