Where did it all go wrong?

The legendary George Best: "where did it all go wrong, George?"

I started writing this post on New Year’s Eve. I wrote New Year’s resolutions. And that’s as far as I got…

My first resolution was going to be blog regularly. It’s now Thursday 19 January. So much for New Year’s resolutions then.

So, first blog of 2012. What’s new in the world of Gary Stewart Smith, that would-be songwriter-to-the-stars? How’s that album coming along? Played any good gigs recently? Recorded anything? Anything at all?

Well, let me tell you. Please. Oh go on. Pleeeeease

I actually have recorded something this year, as a matter of fact. It’s a little number called Where Did It All Go Wrong? It’s a track I started recording in November 2010 – yes, I said 2010. My friend Dave Taylor played the drums on it. Next, I recorded a couple of acoustic guitar tracks over the drums. Then I got bored and left it for 13 months. Then finished it in a couple of frantic hours about a fortnight ago.

Of course, I’m not completely happy with it, but it’s given me some ideas of how I think it should really sound. You can listen to it on the Soundcloud link at the bottom of this post.

And yes, I have played a couple of gigs. Yes, two! Already! And the year is only 19 days old! Mind you, both were in my local, The White Lion, so I didn’t really have to travel too far… But it’s a good start. Don’t ask me when my next gig is though.

The album starts in earnest this coming Monday. Honest. Until then, you’ll just have to content yourself with listening to Where Did It All Go Wrong? (version 1.1)

Link for iPad users http://soundcloud.com/gary-stewart-smith/where-did-it-all-go-wrong

3 thoughts on “Where did it all go wrong?

  1. things have to go wrong sometimes , i suppose, otherwise, how do you differentiate between wrong and right? anyway, thing is, all things are overcome-able, If i could give up smoking to try and impress a boy, which wasn’t easy, i would think it must be doable to give up drinking! the only possible way in my opinion is cold turkey when your ready, plan, plan plan in your own time,no rush, keep safe and be happy.

    • Thanks for your comment Julie. It’s a shame the track is on longer available on Soundcloud – it was quite good. I should go back and re-record it. I read the article again – is it really over four years ago since I met up with my old drummer Dave Taylor to record that drum track? Very talented guy, currently drawing Doctor Who for Titan Comics. Ah Dave! Where did it all go wrong!?

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