Christmas Day Mourning

Ho ho feckin ho.

Hurray! It’s Christmas! Well, it will be tomorrow. Unless you’re reading this tomorrow, then it definitely is Christmas. And if you’re reading this any day beyond tomorrow, then I hope you had a good un.

I’m sure it won’t particularly surprise you – if you’ve been following my blogs – to learn that I’ve recently written a Christmas song of my very own (watch out, Slade! I’m comin ta get ya, Wizzard! Etc). It also won’t be any surprise to learn that I’ve run out of time to record it before the big day itself.

But I can at least tell you about it, can’t I? Yes, I can. Okay, you don’t have to read it, but you can’t stop me writing it… Anyway, it’s in the style of The Pogues, creators of that perennial Christmas favourite Fairytale of New York. Another folk song to add to my growing list of folk songs. Fairytale… is not particularly about Christmas though, is it? And certainly not much of a “Happy Christmas” song. So I decided to out-Pogue The Pogues and write a song even more downbeat than their Fairytale.

My story (not based on my own experiences, I hasten to add) is about a guy on his own on Christmas Day morning, drowning his sorrows and forlornly hoping for his wife/girlfriend/significant other to come home. It’s not clear whether she’s just out for the night, or whether she’s been gone for years, though by the sound of it she’s most likely not coming back. Hey, don’t ask me, I’m only the songwriter!

I call my song Christmas Day Mourningdo you see what I did there!? Comedy genius! I promise I will record it and post it before New Year’s Day.

Which reminds me, did I tell you I’ve written a New Year’s Day song???

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