Ah, Italia '90... who could forget?

Remember Italia ’90? The semi-final: England v Germany? Paul Gascoigne getting booked for a foul on Thomas Berthold, meaning that he’d miss the final if England were to defeat their nemesis? Remember that Nessun Dorma song? Remember Gazza’s Tears? I do, was round me mate Stanley Matthew’s (not his real name) place. But that’s another story.

Well forget I mentioned Gazza’s Tears! Coz here’s the story of Gazza’s Tears! That is to say, the story of how I (Gazza to some of my friends) wrote the song Tears (which you can listen to by clicking on the Soundcloud link below).

Tears is a song I wrote for my erstwhile singing partner (dunno what “erstwhile” means, but it sounds good) Sofi Nieto. One evening, me and my good lady wife Amy were out for a stroll around our manor. Outside Slinky’s Café Bar, Sofi was sitting nursing a medicinal glass of vin rouge and a Lambert and Butler.

As we joined her, she recounted a tale of woe – that she forbids me to repeat – of an event that had occured earlier that day. We listened intently, nodding sympathetically. Then she spoke these very words:-

I didn’t know that I was crying ’til I felt the tears rolling down my face”

to which I immediately interjected “stop! That’s a cue for a song! Go home and write it all down right now!”

Well, those of you who know Sofi won’t be surprised to hear that she never got round to doing anything about it… fortunately, I’d been paying attention and wrote the story down the next day and turned it into a song. A few days later, I even actually played it to an audience. An audience of three: Amy, Sofi, and Amy’s cousin Seb Ferns who was visiting us from Nova Scotia. I think I played it several times – drink was involved.

This song is therefore two firsts: the first original song I wrote for someone else (the one I wrote for Kylie doesn’t count – it was never gonna happen); and the first original song I’d played in person to anyone other than another musician (I’d done some originals in bands I’d been in previously).

Anyway, based on a true story, here it is:-

And a link for the Apple users out there: Tears

2 thoughts on “Tears

  1. This beutiful song reminds me of the tears of a clown. Its so very real, I can feel it too. Its a bit Leonard Cohen ish, I think! Thank you for sharing it.

    • Well, thanks for listening! It’s been a while since I’ve listened to it myself. It’s been a while since I played it even. Maybe I’ll dust it down tomorrow on my day off. “Leonard Cohen-ish”? That’s a compliment in my book! Thanks!

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