Girl on a train

See what I did? It's a picture of a girl. On a train.

Well. That’s it then. After all this dawdling, dithering and general dilly-dallying, my hand has now been forced. Yep, I’ve finally recorded one of my songs and posted it on my blog. Well, what’s a few weeks wait between friends? But hey – don’t get too excited until you hear it!

And why now, of all days, I hear you ask (and I hear you ask coz I’ve hacked into your phone (ooh very topical))? Well you see, there’s a competition I want to enter one of my songs into and the closing date is umm… today. Uh-huh, typical me, leaving things to the 11th hour (or is it the 23rd hour?). I know. But once I get started there’ll be no stopping me (though never having actually started, I’ve got no statistical proof to back up that last statement).

As I may have mentioned, I’ve got well over a hundred songs just waiting (very patiently, I might add) to be committed to tape hard disk, so choosing one has been difficult (and given me a reason to dilly-dally some more). In the end I chose Girl on a Train coz

a) I can play it all the way through without making a cock-up (sometimes)

b) it tells a little story (and has a nicely poignant ending)

c) there’s no noodly instrumental bits, it’s fairly direct and gets to the vocal pretty quickly (so I’m hoping it catches – and keeps – the competition reviewer’s attention).

So without any further ado (or dilly-dallying for that matter) here it is:-

And here’s a link to Soundcloud for the Apple users amongst us:-

Girl on a Train

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