Excuses excuses

No, I have absolutely no reason whatsoever for using a picture of Frankie Howard in my latest post. Titter ye not!

Look, I know I promised to post a song or two this week, but I’ve been busy, honest!

Did I mention that I play acoustic guitar in a duo, with the very talented singer Sofi Nieto? Oh yes I did, didn’t I, coz I posted a track of us performing a Bob Dylan song, only last weekend.

Well anyway, we’ve got a very prestigious gig to play tonight, in front of local movers and shakers, minor celebrities and assorted dignitaries at the British Red Cross charity ball. It’s good exposure for us, and will hopefully lead to a future booking or two at similar functions. So we’ve been putting in some serious rehearsal time.

Once this is out of the way, my calendar is free… until Wednesday 23 November at any rate, when Sofi and I will be playing in Slinky’s café bar in West Kirby. So this coming week, I’m going to pull out all the stops and throw myself into a creative frenzy! Or something similar. Just you wait and see…

One thought on “Excuses excuses

  1. Would love to hear some of the Slinky Cafe songs sometime. Im guessing they might b be quite relaxed. Would that be a fair comment?

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