All you need is lunch

The cover of The Rutles's "Tragical History Tour" album... for want of anything better. I'm a big fan of The Rutles.

Those of you who are waiting patiently to hear one of my very own compositions won’t have to wait much longer. In fact, no longer than those who aren’t waiting patiently. By which I mean either those who are not waiting at all, or those who are in fact waiting, but impatiently. If you follow.

Truth be told, I have been busy in my recording studio, but I’ve been working on a few tracks with my good friend Sofi Nieto. This has actually been of benefit to me in my search for a decent acoustic guitar sound, so it has been time and energy well spent.

Here, while you’re (not) waiting (im)patiently, why don’t you give this a listen? It’s Sofi doing a cover of Adele doing a cover of Bob Dylan (of all people, and no, I’m not making that up – Google it). I’m happy enough with the sound of the guitar, and I think happy enough is just about as close to satisfied as someone who is never satisfied is going to get. If you follow.

Don’t forget to come back soon, for the World Premiere of a brand new Gary Stewart Smith song (that only the wife has heard)!

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