The Song What I Wrote

Morecambe and Wise, my biggest influence.

It’s difficult starting a new blog: it’s like starting up a conversation with a complete stranger. For all I know, you are a complete stranger. Unless you’re my best friend Andrew Kitchinson, in which case you’re just completely strange…

See? Told you it was difficult. Do you know how long it took me just to come up with that opening paragraph? I tell you, I could’ve written a song in that time.

Which rather cleverly brings me to the whole purpose of this blog: songs. More specifically, my songs: I’ll be posting mp3 files for you to listen to, links to Soundcloud so you can download them for free (Free mp3s! Come and download your free mp3s here!), and the lyrics so you can sing along should the urge take you. I’ll tell you when and where I wrote them, and who or what they’re about (if I can remember). Now where was I…?

So, if you like listening to new music that no-one in the world except you has ever heard (with a few exceptions), then this blog is for you! And I’ve got to admit, it’s for me too: I’m recording my songs, and the memories of the people and places connected to them, before they’re all lost in the mists of time and alcohol…

Did I mention the free mp3s?

6 thoughts on “The Song What I Wrote

  1. Wow, it is really hard to keep track of your crazy thoughts and wonderful songs, but I have found you yet again, hahahaha (creepy laughter with a strange Dutch accent).

  2. Im not at all sure what song your referring to here Gary! Love Morecambe and Wise though. I’ve got a few ideas of my own for possible titles. How about, A whiter shade of black! or White is the new Black or maybe, fifty shades of Black. What about, Ernie’s, caught a live fish?.

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