The Last Post?

woody allen

Gary Stewart Smith: “I’d somehow become the Woody Allen of pop”

Followers of my blog (that means you, Nick “Drum Doctor” Lauro!) may have noticed that my posts in 2015 have not been as frequent as in the past. In fact to date, I’ve posted… one blog update. Yeah, I know: even by my own standards, that’s pretty low. Hardly prolific. Guess that means that I’ve not got much to say (though interestingly enough, despite my lack of output, on 13 January I had my best ever day statistically: 150 views).

This year’s number one resolution, is to stop talking/writing bollocks about my songs and to actually record them (yes, I know I keep saying that but…), to dedicate what little time I have during the working week (yep, now I’m actually working on a semi-regular basis, I have a working week) to honing my recording and mixing skills and getting my back catalog out there into the big bad world of Youtube and iTunes and Spotify. Before I forget the tunes completely.

When I started off this blog, way back on 27 October 2011, it was to tell the world about

“recording my songs, and the memories of the people and places connected to them, before they’re all lost in the mists of time and alcohol”

but ended up being about the lengths I’d go to to avoid recording my songs. And is that really going to be of interest to anyone other than other songwriters afflicted by the same angst and commitment issues?

Recently, it occurred to me that the Gary Stewart Smith portrayed in this blog wasn’t cool and interesting and intriguing in the way we’d like our music heroes to be. Where’s the mystique? The excitement? The brooding charisma? Instead of being

“the Northern Hemisphere’s answer to New Zealand’s Neil Finn, England’s answer to Scotland’s Justin Currie, the North West’s answer to the North East’s Paddy McAloon”

I’d somehow become the Woody Allen of pop: “an insecure, intellectual, fretful nebbish” (no, I don’t know what a nebbish is either, I just copied that quote from Wikipedia).

So, time for a rethink. Rather than wasting my time and energy on an undersubscribed and unloved blog, it’s time to reinvent myself, to disassociate my music from the Gary Stewart Smith in this blog. I’m going to start afresh once more, and to record and publish my songs under a pseudonym or five (Beatifiq and Joe Elephant are already out there in the world and on iTunes, Spotify and the like – total sales to date, seven pounds and 61p). Time to create a musical Superman alter ego to my very real Clark Kent.

So, til we meet again, I bid you… adieu!